Pilates Conditions All Your Muscles In A Balanced Way And Increases Your Self-awareness By Drawing Your Focus Inward. It Offers Relief From Back Pain And Joint Stress; Corrects Over-trained Muscles Groups; Compliments Sports Training; Develops Functional Fitness For Your Daily Life Activities And Offers A Faster Return To Pre-pregnancy Figures. Pilates Is For People Of All Ages, Aptitudes And Fitness Levels!The Adage Of "healthy Body, Healthy Mind" Is As True Today As It Has Always Been. In 1945, Joseph H. Pilates Wrote: "Physical Fitness Is The First Requisite Of Happiness…the Attainment And Maintenance Of A Uniformly Developed Body With A Sound Mind Fully Capable Of Naturally, Easily And Satisfactorily Performing Our Many And Varied Tasks With Spontaneous Zest And Pleasure." Through Its Holistic Approach, The Pilates Method Targets The Interior Structure Of The Body To Bring Benefits To The Outside.
In Abu Dhabi's Only, Fully-equipped, Pilates Studio, We Are Able To Offer You The Finest, In Personal Training, Small Group Classes On The Mat And Various Informative Workshops. Our Unique Approach To Health And Wellness Will Meet Your Needs For Physical Fitness, Post Rehab And Sports Specific Conditioning.

Elementary Pilates Mat:

This class is perfect for Pilates beginner, introducing you to the basic principles of Pilates and shows you how to execute these principles throughout the mat work repertoire. It aims to establish core strength while facilitating a mind-body connection. This class provides the knowledge to transition into our Group Mat class with ease. We advise that you attend at least four classes before progressing to Pilates Mat.